Services we offer

Complete Restoration

We offer a full restoration services for classic Fiat 500 - all versions. Our full service garage with very experienced staff, will bring your Classic Fiat 500 to its original glory.

Full Maintenance Services

From a simple oil change to engine overhaul, we do it all in-house. All our services are done using original parts, directly from Italy.

Original Parts & Body Kits

We offer a full range of original parts for your Classic Fiat 500 directly from Italy. Do you have a Custom Kit need? No Problem! We will get it for you.

Transportation Services

Transport in style! If you need your Classic Fiat 500 to be transported by specialized and covered truck, we have that covered as well. We will take care of your baby!

Current Project

Imported from Italy – 1969 Fiat 500 Giardiniera. Original body in good condition. Requires a full fresh Original Fiat Red Paint. Mechanically, all original parts will go a full overhaul and any parts which require fixing, will be replaced with new parts.

Our Full Offer